03 x Blueberry Scented Candles 100% Natural


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03 x Blueberry Scented Candles 100% Natural:Size :

 Width 5.5 cm x 8 cm Height.
Weight 250 g. ( each Candle)
Time Burner 48h Approx. each Candle
***Pack on Clear tube plus white box.(Arrive Safety in your Home).
All Natural Ingredients:
Organic Candle , Vegan.
Paraffin Wax Natural non Additives .
Scent Blueberry Essential Fragrance Oil:
(A delicious summer fragrance of bright blueberry, bilberry, raspberry and brilliant orange.)
Colour Paraben Free.
Non Petroleum.
Non Test on Animals.
Made in England.

Additional information

Weight 1.200 kg
Dimensions 21 × 30 × 8 cm


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